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The 7 Business Boosters

You want to increase your sales and develop your clientele but you don’t have the time or resources? Here are 7 Business Boost services that will help you achieve your objectives.

Client Prospecting

  • Prospecting new clients is defined as a strategic and systematic approach used with pre-determined markets or an inactive clientele and takes into account your company’s pre-established business development plan.
  • To increase your success rate, Business Boost helps you prepare and define your targets and approach. Knowing that 25% of prospects generate sales in the following year, sustained and well-planned follow-up will ensure that prospects lead to purchases.
  • Following this approach turns your database into a list of qualified leads for follow-up and/or further promotion. It often takes 10 to 12 attempts before a prospect becomes interested in what you have to offer.

Qualified Appointment Bookings

  • Building your business revenue and market shares can only be accomplished by making qualified appointments that feed the agendas of your sales team.
  • Establishing various selection criteria while preparing a project adds qualified contacts to your “pipeline” of prospects.
  • 50% of decision-makers will tender a contract after a strong call. We can help you identify the right supply-and-demand opportunity and validate a short, medium, or long-term intent to buy.

Product, Service and Event Promotion

  • Planning a marketing campaign or organizing promotional events means allocating budgets to achieve results.
  • The telephone approach used by our professionals provides added value to your sales and marketing activity, optimizing the returns and allowing you to calculate its impact.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Market Surveys)

  • Do you want to launch a new product, develop a new market, or target a new territory while ensuring tangible results? Avoid wishful thinking! Make direct contact with the businesses interested in your projects and see if your dreams can actually become reality.
  • By delegating these calls to the care of professionals, you will have an objective view of the purchasing intentions of future clients and of how they truly perceive your company, products and services as well as your competition. In this way, 95% of your competition can be eliminated.

Telephone Follow-up

  • Once your business is in full swing, it will generate a huge number of contracts, service offerings, evaluations, initial visits, and responses to clients, and your internal resources may not be able to do follow-up. It is well known that 50% of clients are lost every 5 years because salespeople lose contact with clients. Follow-up helps you maintain your precious clientele.
  • Our professionals will do a follow-up analysis of all “no-result calls” attempted during the previous year in order to improve your success rate and allow you to profit from your business development efforts. We know from experience that you should expect results from 25% of your list of prospects.

Trade Shows

  • Planning the “before/during/after” stages of events minimizes costs and brings incomparable results.
  • Letting us take care of telephone contacts to prepare for your attendance at these events will ensure tangible results such as qualifying new supplier partnerships/clients, promotion to existing clients and target prospects, and post trade show follow-up, all of which can lead to lucrative outcomes.

Trade Missions

  • Before embarking on a trade mission, you have to make sure that a trip as important as this receives the necessary attention to ensure that it goes smoothly. You have to plan the minutest details and anticipate the unanticipated.
  • By delegating the task of making telephone contacts to professionals, you will maximize results through the planning and organization of your stops, stays, meetings, and follow-up.