A team of professionals that offers specialized services in B2B telephone prospecting and qualified appointment bookings.


To be the growth accelerator par excellence for any company that wants to develop its Business-to-Business clientele.


Our approach is unique because of its detailed procedures and rigorous method to fully expand, increase, develop, and improve client portfolios and build customer loyalty. We are dedicated to canvassing, prospecting, soliciting, training and generating potential sales activity for businesses.

Our commitment is to provide services to support business growth by proposing concrete solutions that will have an impact on business development. Ability to listen, availability, business intelligence (BI), ongoing refinement of and excellence in services, these are the approaches that we uphold in each of our client’s projects.

BUSINESS BOOST… your growth accelerator par excellence for sales and business development.

Louise Gingras and Isabelle Dion


Our team of experts efficiently carries through on specific client projects. Our prospecting specialists have a vast experience and an enviable level of knowledge that translates into a positive attitude for each call placed on your behalf. Our drive, openness, perseverance and flexibility are the key ingredients for consistent top-notch results for our clients.


You want to increase your sales and develop your clientele but you don’t have the time or resources?

Here are 7 Business Boost services that will help you achieve your objectives:

  • 1. Client Prospecting
  • 2. Qualified Appointment Bookings
  • 3. Product, Service and Event Promotion
  • 4. Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Market Surveys)
  • 5. Telephone Follow-up
  • 6. Trade Shows
  • 7. Trade Missions


A majority of our clients are in the province of Québec and their market areas are mostly in different regions of Québec, other Canadian provinces and the United States. We also use our expertise in South America since, in addition to French and English, our professionals speak Spanish and Portuguese which is needed to service businesses that export to Brazil.

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